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July Update

July update

It’s been a busy old time for the FLJs, with runs galore, and the Race for Life yesterday.

Here’s an update of some things going on in July

Weekly Runs

You’ll have seen some of the runs have changed.  We now have hill reps on a Monday night, which has proved rally popular.  However we do need to cap numbers, so if the group is full, please sign up to another group.

We are reintroducing lamppost sprints on alternate Mondays.  This is similar to hill reps in that you speed up between lampposts, and recover to the next one.

Great for improving speed and fitness, and suitable for all as there’s plenty looping

I am leading tonight, so come along

Saturday Socials

A good few of our runners have signed up to the Loch Ness Marathon in October and so the Saturday runs will be starting to build up their distance.  There should always be a cut off though to allow you to limit it to 10k, and head back.


Well done to Luke Robertson, for being such a dedicated Plogger.  He was presented with a certificate for his efforts on Saturday.

Sophie would love to see a few more faces at the plogging events so please keep an eye on Spond and join in when you can.

Couch to 5k

If anyone asks, the next Couch to 5k programme will start on Monday 21st August.

Details will follow on social media in due course

Leader Training

Sophie will be running a new leader training g session on Monday 17th July after the run.  If you’d like to discuss getting involved as a leader then please speak to Sophie to me.  The club couldn’t operate without its leaders, so if you feel you are able to help then please get in touch.

Club Kit

It’s about time we put in a new order for club kit.  While we will try and keep a good stock of T-shirts and vests, we will take bespoke orders.  Details to follow shortly.


We are delighted to advise that we have been awarded funding of £1,005 from the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen, to go towards first aid training and equipment, leader training and leader clothing.

Huge thanks to them for their support

Race for Life

We had a great day at the Race for Life yesterday, and the event raised over £125,000 for cancer research.

The Prosecco pot was out, but you may not have seen it as it was blowing around.   Feel free to drop off donations at any of the runs this week, or use the usual

And here’s the link to everyone’s fundraising pages if you still want to make any donations

Future events

16th July.  Alford 10k.

GEF Series

26th August - Mel’s Union Street Mile

17th Sept - Hazlehead 5k

12th Nov - Prime Four 3k

16th Sept. Crathes 5k and half

1st October. Loch Ness Marathon 5k, &10k

Balmoral 2024

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