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Gathimba Edwards Foundation: Become a Sponsor
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David with his brothers

The Fit Like Joggers have agreed to sponsor 17-year old David, through the Gathimba Edwards Foundation. The Club is delighted to meet the monthly sponsorship, but anything the club members wished to contribute in addition would be most welcome.

His full name is David Kariuki Mwaniki, and he is newly 17 years old - date of birth 8th Dec 2002.  Due to lack of school fees David is only in Form 1 at Dedan Kimathi Memorial High School, in Karatina, Kenya.  

His parents left him under the care of his grandparents who had been the main pillar and the only source of shelter to David. Early in 2019, his grandfather passed away and David was left under the care of his grandmother.  She is not financially stable and suffers from her own mental heal;th issues.

Together with his two younger brothers, they previously went to school without food. Thanks to the Fit Like Joggers, and two new sponsors for his siblings, this should no longer happen.  Their uniforms have been in a very poor condition and they shared one bed and dirty clothes to sleep on;  I'm pleased to say thanks to a generous donation specifically for this family, GEF were able to buy the kids beds last December

David recently scored 323/500 in his school KCPE exam. He came second in his class and received an invitation letter to attend high school but couldn't due to lack of fees.  This affected him badly and he was brought to the attention of the GEF team.  The Area Chief and Assistant Chief asked the locals to fundraise towards his fees.  Despite the good will of the community contributing towards his fees; they could not cater for his outstanding fees balance.  

David dream for education has been hindered by many challenges surrounding his family. He was depending on good neighbours for his studies since his grandmother couldn't afford money to buy paraffin for their house lamp.  He lacked the love of a parent and depended on well-wishers for food and shelter.

We firmly believe your support will help him improve his grades and give him a solid education and hope.   We also hope with new beds his living situation will improve as sleep is so important for children.

Interested in organising an event to raise money for the Gathimba Edwards Foundation?   Then please get in touch

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