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Gathimba Edwards Foundation: Become a Sponsor
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David with his brothers

Through the Gathimba Edwards Foundation, the Fit Like Joggers sponsored David Mwaniki, through  high school, in Karatina, Kenya.  

He had been previously been living with his grandparents.   In 2019, his grandfather passed away and David was left under the care of his grandmother, who had no money for school fees.  He and his two brothers shared one bed, and slept in dirty clothes.

Thanks to the Fit Like Joggers, and two new sponsors for his siblings, GEF were able to buy the kids beds, and fund them all through high school

David graduated from school in 2023 and is now working in the local area.   

He is grateful for everything GEF and the Fit Like Joggers did to support him through his childhood.

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