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Our next Couch to 5k programme will commence on Monday 19th August 2024.

It’s how the Fit Like Joggers first began. And it remains fundamental to our ethos to provide an opportunity to start your running journey with us.

This is a 9 week programme with the aim of going out three times a week

It starts at just 60 seconds and builds up as the weeks goes on.

It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is. The programme is aimed at easing you in very gently.

Hundreds of people have been through C25k and can guarantee that it works if you stick in.

We will go out on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and on Friday at 6am, meeting in front of the kitchen showroom on the corner of Great Western Road and Forest Avenue.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t make all the runs. Come when you can, and perhaps do the others on your own, using the app.

It doesn’t cost you anything either. Just wear comfortable clothes and trainers.

We need to manage group numbers so please sign up to the Spond App which lists all the runs. It’s really easy to use.

Here’s a link to the NHS Couch to 5k website 

Couch to 5k: Team Sports
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