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FLJ Awards 2023

The FLJs are all about the people. And every single person who turns up and runs is an individual success story every time they lace up their trainers.

But sometimes we like to celebrate some special achievements, and mark the success or contribution of our members.

The Awards Night gives us a chance to say well done and thank you.

So who were our winners on the night?

Rain or Shine Award

Emma-Leigh McKay

FLJ Tour Guide

Gareth Dunnett

Will Run for Cake

Shona Holroyd

Swear Jar Award

Joanne McBain


Rory Smith

Next Generation

Scott and Sarah Skinner

Man With a Plan

Hamish Stewart

Mrs Motivator

Nicola Cruickshank

Dancing Queens

Emma Robertson & Clare Tierney

C25k Award

Christine Shannon

BrewDog Volunteer Award

Kate Dunn

Marathon Hero

Alison Yule

In It For The Long Run

Cheryl Stewart

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

Darren Shannon

Hill Rep Supremo

Graeme Caie

Run Leader Supremo

James Whyte

Club All Rounder

Nicole Jeffrey

Plus Est En Vous Award

Siobhan Gilmour

Contribution of the Year

Sophie Cruickshank

FLJ Runner of the Year

Linda Dawson

Event of the Year

The Prosecco Run

Our final award was voted by our Runners. We had so many nice comments about people that we printed them all on certificates for all the nominees.

However the Runners Choice award went to the amazing Nicola Cruickshank. She such an inspiration to so many people in the club, and a worthy winner

Lastly, thanks to those who presented me with the beautiful Outstanding Recognition Award at the end of the evening. What an honour that was, and truly overwhelming.

Well done to everyone, and here’s to an amazing 2024


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