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Winter Running

❄️ ❄️❄️Winter Running❄️❄️❄️

I posted to the leaders earlier today but I think much of that is worth sharing with the wider membership

Now the weather has turned, here’s a note on how we tend to play things through the winter

1. Please wear hi vis gear and a head / chest torch if you have. It’s really important to be bright and be seen

Some of my favourite torches are in the comments below

2. Winter routes. Our leaders will try and choose routes that are suitable for the conditions. Avoid running straight into strong winds, try and find the least icy / slidey route, or if it’s bad, just head to the playing fields. This means routes might not be as exciting when the conditions are bad.

3. Safety. Always a priority. Make sure you are adequately dressed for the conditions. Cold weather doesn’t mean you can’t run. But hats, gloves and warm gear really help you enjoy it more.

4. Low Numbers. When numbers are low, we might end up merging groups to avoid too much demand on leaders. If we do this, we will cancel it on Spond and try and let people know.

5. Cancellations. Safety of our leaders and runners comes first. If the weather means our leaders are not comfortable going out, or driving to get there, then that is only fair. We may merge groups, find other leaders or just cancel.

We don’t want anyone feeling they have to go out when they don’t want to.

Im sure you’ll join me in saying thank you to our amazing leaders for all they do for the club. It’s been an amazing year and we couldn’t do any of it without them.

Look forward to the Prosecco run and awards night on the 21st.


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