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Police Academy

We have many stories of inspiration within the FLJs, but one that strikes a particular chord this year is the progress we have seen from Emma Robertson

Emma joined the Couch to 5k programme in January, having not run for years.

Her incentive ? To be able to pass the Police entry fitness test, and join the police.

Not only did she attend every single c25k session, and then sign up to Run Balmoral, but she has pushed herself ever since - hill reps, long runs, Ewan’s CrossFit - she has done it all

The reward for her labour?

Fitness test passed ✅

Medical passed ✅

Application approved ✅

Police Academy starts on Monday

We will miss you over the next 14 weeks, but with go with a huge amount of pride and with our best wishes

And we know you’ll be back

💜 👮 💜

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