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FLJ Merch

💜💜💜FLJ Merch💜💜💜

We’ve had a new delivery of FLJ merch, so are open to new orders, as well as having an ‘in person’ store on Monday before and after the runs

We have

T-shirts. Mens and ladies. S,M, L and XL. £13 each

Vests - Ladies S, M, L and XL. £13

Hoodies - unisex S, M, L and XL

Buffs - £5

Bobble Hats - £12

Comment below if you want anything reserved. Otherwise come to my house (round the corner at 4 Salisbury Terrace) from 6.30 on Monday, and again after the runs.

We also have Brewdog Run merch - some to be collected by the volunteers, but the rest is for anyone else to buy. T-shirts (£10) and buffs (£5)

Payment in cash, bank transfer of via

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