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FLJ December Update

💜💜💜FLJ December Update💜💜💜

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend?

David and I have been planning the coming weeks for the FLJs and want to share a few things with you.

New Groups

The ‘Back to 5k’ groups have been doing an excellent job gradually building up their distance, and as we reach December, we will all be running the full 5k again 🙌🏻

Going forward we will have two ‘Steady’ groups and two ‘Sedate’ groups on Mondays and Wednesdays. We know we have had to merge some groups on occasion but will try to only do this if we have a shortage of leaders


Thanks so much to all the leaders who have been helping out since we resumed. We couldn’t do it without you. If anyone else is interested in joining the leader team, please let me know. We’ll be drawing up the December rota in the next couple of days


We’ve had a few questions about how we manage our re-grouping when there is a mixed pace amongst the runners. Our approach going forward will be to try and find loops for the quicker runners to circle round, or, the lead runners should all double back and come in behind the rear runners at traffic lights or junctions. It can be a little demoralising to think that everyone has to stop and wait for you. And we also don’t want anyone getting cold 🥶

Greyhope Bay Santa SUP - 5th December

It’s not quite running related, but we know some of you love paddleboarding too. Places are nearly all filled for the Santa SUP on Saturday 5th so get in quick if you’d like to join in. Board hire is available, and David and I also both have spare boards too.



CHAS Santa Run - 13th December

You may have seen the post about the Virtual Santa Run organised by CHAS? We are planning to have an FLJ group Santa 5k run on Sunday 13th December at 10am. So sign up on the CHAS site and then join us to run it on the 13th.

FLJ Festive Fancy Dress Run 23rd December

We can’t have our normal Prosecco Run and Awards Night in the normal manner this year. But we will still have a fancy dress run in our groups on Wednesday 23rd. Keep it free!

BrewDog Run - 28th December

Although there’s no guarantee of this going ahead, we are still targeting Monday 28th for the BrewDog Run. Hopeful that we get a few volunteers for the bag packing and help on the day.

Once again, thanks to everyone for your support, and especially to our amazing leaders and volunteers

Pamela and David


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