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April Update

Happy Saturday!

You'll notice some changes on Spond with our runs. As the C25K group have now graduated we have slightly changed some of the other distances. Our runs at the moment are: -

💜 Graduate C25K. For the coming weeks this will be 30 minutes but we will gradually move away from sticking to the time and look to go on shortened versions of our 5km routes.

💜 5km Sedate. We always offer a 5km group. With our leaders and tail runners there is the opportunity to loop at the front to ensure noone gets left behind and is a great next step for graduates who would like to give 5km a go.

💜6.5km/7.5km Steady. This is a slightly quicker longer route. The leaders will choose a route around these distances. Please do not be put off by the speed, we still encourage looping and our tail runners will make sure that noone is left behind.

💜8km Sedate. This is our gentler long run. Distance will be around 8km. There is plenty of regrouping and opportunities to loop to keep the group together. Again, our tails are there so nobody needs to worry if you want to take it easier.

💜 Wednesday AM Hill Reps. Come and give these a go, it is a great way to improve your fitness and running ability. (We might even sneak a session or two into our evening runs to show what you're missing!)

🚮 There will be plogging on the 16th of April. This is jogging and litter picking. It's suitable for everyone and you choose the distance. More info will be on Spond.

As always, safety is important. Here's a few points we like to remind our runners: -

⭐️ Listen to your leaders and tail runners. Our leaders give up their time to facilitate our runs so be kind and respect them.

⭐️ Please cross at lights or islands where possible and follow instructions. Don't press the button until all the group is there and be prepared to wait if the group is not ready to cross. Please take care crossing at places without crossings.

⭐️ Be kind and courteous to other pavement, park or community users. We often run in parks or the old railway line and similar settings or even just along the pavement. These can be busy in the nicer weather. Try to avoid pushing past people and give people space if you can by going single file if needed. Not everyone wants a sweaty running group in their space!

⭐️ Most importantly have fun. Give groups a go! Our leaders will look out for you and just let them know if you're needing the speed slowed.

Happy running 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

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